Sometimes, the global evolution is not totally adapted to our needs, in fact, it could be synonym of productivity overcosts and losses . Stop to non-adapted modernism, back to fondamental methods.

With the BRAVA, find extrusion with fondamental bases:

  • Ease of use
  • Polyvalencce
  • Strongness
  • Evolution

« 100% made in France for a cost without surprise, today and tomorrow  »

Brava in detail

Easy to use

Quick installation, in 2 – 3 hours maximum


Ø 8- 50mm, can work with every thermoplastic


Lifetime guaranteed due to the use of steels from the first choice related to appropriate thermic treatments


Preempt the evolution of your needs,
«  don’t worry, everything is planned »

Integration Kit for wire feeding device

Integration Kit for guillotine cutting unit

« Integration Kits are plug & play designed, Why complicate when it is so simple !  »

Mold blocks Range of diameters Material Débit Kg/h
BR/BRV 52 Ø8 à Ø50 PP-PE-PVC-PA 60 10
BR/BRV 72 Ø8 à Ø50 PP-PE-PVC-PA 95 170
BR/BRV 92 Ø8 à Ø50 PP-PE-PA 130 NC

Brava BR for pression machine& Brava BRV for empty machine

  • Production mode, blowing and/or vacuum
  • Cooling via chilled water
  • Hardened mould blocks, simple, double and triple cavities
  • Direct driven mould blocks, no chain neither belt
  • Torque limiter, clutch, to protect the mould blocks
  • Mould blocks release via a manual crank
  • AC drive
  • Ejection actuator
  • Automatic lubrication unit
  • Control pannel at the foot of the machine

Options? ……..No options everything is here

« Brava, 100% made in France pour un coût sans surprise, aujourd’hui et demain »